Oh No! My Wi-Fi Keeps Cutting Out! – What To Do?

My Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting – what should I do?

Is your wireless connections disconnecting or dropping unexpectedly? E.g. As you go away from the computer or if you don’t use the internet for the instant? Then there may be some problem in the wireless router or in network card. Perhaps you also have an issue with browser pop ups? There are some troubleshooting tips:

Wifi Networks for computers

Set Your Router to a Specific Channel:

The symptoms are a wireless connection that exactly will drop out for some times.  If your cell phone is on the same network the battery will drain super quickly because of the phone switching to 3G every time the connection drops.

Check your wireless power settings:

If switching the router channel doesn’t work then you can try some other tips to help prevent your wireless connection from disconnecting.  Check the settings on your wireless card via device manager.

  • You just Right click on My Computer then click on Properties.
  • After this click on Hardware and then click on Device Manager.
  • You will find your wireless card under Network adapters and then double click it.
  • Check out that auto power management settings are not enabled.

Power cycles your hardware:

Many computer repairs issues can be solved with a power cycle. Another thing that you can try is to simply shut down all your devices i.e. PC, Modem, router etc.  Then power them back on in the following order: Your modem> your router > PC > laptop.

Adjust your wireless router settings:

  • Adjust the MTU from 1500 to 1492.
  • Adjust the beacon interval to 50.
  • Adjust the fragmentation threshold to 2306.
  • Adjust the RTS threshold to 2304.

I hope that should solve your wireless connectivity problems and should prevent your wireless connection from disconnecting.

manage and view wireless network

Wireless connection disconnecting every couple of seconds:

If your wireless connection is connecting and disconnecting after every 2 or 3 seconds the problem here is that your PC is trying to fine an IP address and the DHSP server isn’t responding or isn’t finding one. Using windows go the command prompt and type cmd.exe and then type the ipconfig.exe/release followed by ipconfig.exe/renew. In this way you will get a status message that will help you to solve the problem.

Trying to renew IP address error:

If you get trying to renew IP address error your connection is perhaps struggling to find an IP address. Run the Windows network diagnostic tool as described below.


Windows network diagnostic tool:

Now the Windows network diagnostic tool will analyze various components of your network connection and point out problems it finds. Run it as follows:

  • Go to the Microsoft Internet Explorer click Diagnose Connection Problems on the Tools option.
  • Then Browse to Start > Run > and type %windir%\network diagnostic\xpnetdiag.exe and then click OK button.


We hope that the above mentioned tips will be very useful for you. Now you have the solution of almost every problem that you encounter while using Wi-Fi. If your Wi-Fi is disconnecting every time then find out your problem after reading this article.