How To Stop Annoying Laptop Browser Pop-ups!

Prevent ad pop ups in web browsers

Recently we talked about how Brisbane computer repairs technicians were able to assist with computers that wouldn’t turn on. Now we are introducing a new article about pop-ups!

Pop up ads can affect the working of your computer and internet. If you are continuously seeing these ads that won’t go away then the reason is that any unwanted program has been installed in your computer. Such pop up ads are caused by ad supported extension in web browsers. During installation it is distributed via various monetization platforms. If an adware extension is installed then you will see an ad on the web browser whenever you will open a new tab. Or else you will see advertising banners on different web pages. Most adware programs get install on your computer without your knowledge. If want to get rid of such adware programs then follow the following steps and also block these programs from not getting installed in the future.

block browser pop ups

Look for unwanted programs:

Below mentioned some clues will show that an unwanted program on your computer is affecting Google Chrome.

  • You will see that chrome will continue to show the pop up ads and will not block these.
  • Another important thing which often happens is that your homepage, search engine or start up page completely change to a site that you don’t recognize and want.
  • In your Chrome unfamiliar extensions are added
  • Your chrome desktop shortcut will open to some unfamiliar website etc.

All the above mentioned changes are malicious software which is also known as malware. Malware take space in your computer when you download some files from some website. Or you keep on visiting some insecure sites.

You also have an option to report the malicious site if you think that site has some malware.

how to block pop ups

Restore Your Favourite Browser Settings Back:

  • Remove unwanted programs:

If you want to restore the settings of your previous browser then its necessary to remove all the malware programs from your computer. You will have to uninstall all the malware/ malicious programs due to which your desired web browser has stopped working. Make sure that if you want to perform a fresh install, you recover your windows automatic backup.

For Window Users: You can download and run a software known as Removal Tool. This software will help you to find out the tricky files which have installed on your computer without your knowledge. This software also searches the suspicious malware programs and gives you the option to remove them.  Follow the following steps:

  • Download: Software Removal Tool
  • Learn some more about this software
  • Reset your browser Settings:

Once you have removed/uninstalled the unwanted programs from your computer, then you are in a position to restore the Chrome. For this purpose you have to reset your Chrome Browser Settings. By doing so your current passwords and bookmarks will remain intact. But there would be a need to customize somethings such as search engine or start page.

If you are using Software Removal Tool then it will perform some tasks automatically for your computer.

  • Click the Chrome menu which is on the top right corner of the Chrome.
  • Now select SETTINGS
  • When a dialog appears then click Reset.


If by following the above procedure your Chrome is still not working properly then visit Chrome Help Forum for further guidance and prevent pop ups in web browsers.

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