Laptop Computer Not Turning On? You Need A Computer Repairs Technician!

My Computer Or Laptop Is Having Problems – Who Do I Call in Brisbane To Repair My Computer?

It often happens that when you try to turn on your laptop and press the power button, your computer could be completely unresponsive. When your laptop won’t boot it can cause frustration. Above all, sometimes the issues can lead to replacing the expensive parts of the laptop such as motherboard or other computer hardware. It’s times like these you may need to turn to the professional services of an expert computer repairs Brisbane tech to assist you with your computer or laptop problems. Businesses of all sizes in Brisbane rely on computer repairs support services such as the one mentioned before in South East Queensland to counter the tech dramas they may face on a weekly or monthly basis. To a business, downtime due to computer related issues can cause lower productivity resulting in less money being made. It is imperative that consumers and business have access to computer repairs and support staff when they need it most!

It’s also imperative that you protect your important files on your computer by scheduling automatic windows file backups. This ensures that when something goes wrong with your laptop or computer, you have peace of mind.

Don’t panic about your important files:

When your laptop won’t start then there is no need to get worried. You might be thinking that your all music files, documents, mails etc. have lost. But this is not the fact! There might be something wrong with your hardware temporarily but for sure all your files are safe. When the problem is solved you can again get your all data.

Your laptop shows no sign of power:Brisbane computer repairs technician

  • Turn on the power button and check all the cable connections. A loose unplugged cable might be a reason that your computer won’t turn on.
  • Though laptop uses battery to run but still make sure that AC adopter is plugged in properly.
  • It is required to perform a lamp test to check that power is provided by the Wall.
  • In other case, try to remove your laptop battery and use AC power only.
  • Also find out the power receptacle on the laptop damage.

Laptop powers on and then suddenly off:

  • Usually beep code is the exact indication of any problem and with the help of it you it you can look for the cause of computer turning off.
  • Try to reinstall each component of your hardware one by one. And by installing in this manner you will be able to find out the exact problem.
  • Look for professional computer repairs service if still its not working properly.

Laptop continuously reboots during POST:

  • Here you need to troubleshoot the cause of BIOS error
  • Remove disks from optical drive and also disconnect USB storage devices
  • Now clear the CMOS
  • Turn on and start your laptop with just essential hardware

Your laptop window repeatedly returns to Start-up setting.

  • Try to start windows in every mode such as in safe mode, with the last known good configuration and in resolution display mode.
  • Repair of Windows installation is also important
  • Also try to perform system restore
  • Test the RAM and hard drive.
  • Check the Wifi Network Issue Card

Brisbane laptop repairs technician







From the above discussion it is clear that there might be several reasons due to which your laptop is not powering up. And the solutions are also mentioned along with. If you follow all the steps one by one then you may find the exact cause of your issue. Sometimes problem arises at the very beginning when you start the computer and sometimes after POST it stops working. So know exactly what is causing the problem. Either it’s a software or a hardware. To summarize the above discussion it is crystal clear that the such powering problems are part laptop life and these can be cured by just showing little tolerance and effort. Keep your laptop components in a good condition and check POST, RAM, hard drive and  CMOS for the issues.

For more information about computer repairs see the video below:

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